Saturday, 11 January 2014

Top January Blogs

I have been reading blogs for about 7 years now and it's amazing how many of them are still the same ones. I mainly follow interior design based blogs but recently I've been reading some more lifestyle blogs too. I've discovered a few new ones and they're great to get lost in. For a longer list of my favourite blogs, go here :)

The author, Tanya, is half French and half English, and posts the most beautiful atmospheric photographs of bits of day to day life. She was living in London, and has now moved back to the South of France before she moves to Australia. I'm looking forward to reading about her Aussie adventures! 

A foodie blog that I actually found through Tanya. Molly lives in a farm on North Dakota with her farmer boyfriend. She posts divine recipes and snippets of farm life, but I mostly love her blog because of the way she writes. It is laugh out loud funny!

I only discovered this blog this week but spent a while reading back through the archives. Lucy is an assistant fashion editor and posts about fashion inspiration, her own outfits, and what she gets up to at the weekend. Lots of nice outfit ideas, and I love her style. Her legs also make me want to give up eating chocolate... for about 5 seconds.

Enjoy! Which are your favourite blogs at the moment? 



  1. Oooo these are lovely, thanks for sharing! x

  2. I like the look of this!
    Current faves include Junkaholique - Artemis is so creative and her home so inspiring.
    Sarah :)

    1. Ooh yes I've read Junkaholique before- such a lovely blog!

  3. I love my name is yeh, such a good little list of blogs polly! thank you for sharing.


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