Tuesday, 7 January 2014


I'm really into monochrome interiors right now. Maybe it's all this gloomy weather, I'm feeling a lack of colour! I also noticed there are a lot of spots and stripes going on. I would love some polka dot bed sheets to snuggle into. If you are loving monochrome as much as me, this Instagram is lovely for it.

There are so many blog posts and tweets about everyone getting tired of Winter at the moment - but it hasn't even snowed in London yet! We've definitely got a while to go. I love Diana's post today on beating the Winter gloom. I am fo sho going to put on an audiobook next time it's cleaning day, and drinking more wine sounds like the right way to go! How do you beat the Winter blues? I think I might blog my own list this week. 



  1. what beautiful images polly!
    another lovely monochromatic instagram account is jennifer haggler's "amerrymishap"

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  2. SO pleased you liked the post, Polly:) Btw: I have striped sheets (navy blue and cream) that I love dearly. Plus, I would totally fancy that kitchen rug. Have a great one, love! xo

  3. That is pretty much my dream home. I am OBSESSED with monochrome and scandinavian design. I flippin' adore that kitchen. Swoon.


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