Thursday, 18 December 2014

5 Happy Things

1/ The sunny sunny weekends we've been having lately! Alex and I went for a long walk through my local park and along the River Thames which was heavenly.
2/ Hot yoga. I have no motivation to go running in the cold but it's so nice to warm up and stretch. I think I'm a convert.
3/ WE MADE SUSHI! And it actually tasted good! Not so much when I ate 100000 pieces for supper and then again for lunch the next day but it's something I want to make again and experiment with.
4/ Christmassy nails, that is all.
5/ Lighting my Muji Cinnamon and Mandarin candle whilst catching up on The Missing in bed. I'm three episodes behind so I avoided social media like the plague when the finale came out. What is going to happen!? (Don't answer that).

Not pictured: a fun send off for a good friend who is moving abroad :( , a catch up over pizza and wine with one of my besties, spending time with my family, and THE best coconut, cashew and parsnip cake (I hate parsnips but this is amazing).

What has made you happy in the past week?

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

HOW TO: A homemade wreath

I had a rather Christmassy weekend this week. I had Starbucks Christmas drinks on Saturday and Sunday, did most of my Christmas shopping, listened to Christmas tunes, and decorated the tree. We also made a homemade wreath for the first time which is now hanging proudly on our front door. All you need is a wire frame like this, some green gardening wire, and some secateurs or sharp scissors.

STEP ONE // Go gathering 
Take a pair of secateurs and a bag out with you and find anything you'd want to put on your wreath. I was on the hunt for berries, and love this silvery fir plant (don't ask me what it is!). Think about what you'll use as a base, and what will be decoration. And if you're taking snippets from plants in a park, only take a tiny piece from each one. 

STEP TWO // Grab your Mum/ sister/ friend 
Because it's much more fun and Mums know best. 

STEP THREE // Weave your base
We used clippings from our Christmas tree to weave in and out of the frame. Secure with gardening wire where needed. Make sure you tuck in the bases of stems/ branches so they're not seen.

STEP FOUR // Add the decoration
Add berries, pine cones, dried oranges, twigs, whatever you feel like!

STEP FIVE // Ta da!
Hang with a ribbon to your front door and admire your handiwork!

Have you ever made your own wreath? I got a bit carried away with the plant gathering part and now have enough to make about five!

I was rubbish with posting last week but was super busy and decided to just forgive myself. I forgot how crazy this time of year gets, in a good way of course. But I cannot wait for Christmas next week – you’ll find me permanently by the open fire for a good two days. With a stocking full of chocolate, obvs. Let me know if you decide to make your own wreath too! x

Monday, 8 December 2014

Christmas in London

On Saturday I dragged Alex around London to soak up all the festive spirit. It was the most beautiful day I've seen in a while - sunny, clear, and very cold. The best kind of Winter's day! We tried out a new brunch place called Nell's in Chelsea which had a beautiful interior, but the food was a bit average.

A long wander along the King's Road with lots of nipping into shops led us to Harrods where the sun started setting (at 3:30pm, sob), but it created the most beautiful light. Have you seen the Harrod's Christmas windows yet? I've made it my aim to see them every year. This isn't my favourite year (I preferred last year's train carriages). However I absolutely LOVED the little mice scenes. They were adorable and must have been so much fun to make. We finished off our trip with a Mille Feuille (him) and a gluten free brownie drowning in chocolate sauce (me) in Patisserie Valerie. Pretty much the best day out in London ever!
How was your weekend? I had my second hot yoga class on Saturday morning (which is also, I discovered, a great cure for a hangover!). I seem to ache slightly less this time. Have you tried hot yoga? On Sunday I went for a long walk with my granny in Kent, then watched BBC drama, The Missing, which I was gripped by! x

Friday, 5 December 2014

Traditional festive decoration {with a twist}

Image Sources: 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 

Happy Friday! I'm writing this whilst having my morning advent chocolate, isn't it just the best to have an excuse to eat chocolate EVERY morning?! At my family home we don't get our Christmas tree until about a week before Christmas but I think I'm ready to start with some more subtle decorations! I lean towards more traditional decor when it comes to this season. I just LOVE getting out the Christmas box from the attic and finding the decorations that belonged to my Granny (and haven't been smashed through the years by various children, oops).

However I've been inspired by these photos to mix and match decorations in a more modern and creative way and here are some ideas:

* Use a tray to create a collection of festive items and create a nice little vignette using things like candles, deer figures, sprigs of evergreen, pine cones...
* Chop off a small branch from your tree (or buy a mini tree if you're lacking space) and display on a table in a glass vase with some lanterns/ candles
* Baubles aren't just for trees, ya know. Hang on hooks/ deer antlers/ strung together on the wall/ wherever you can find!
* Keep it cosy at all times. I love the cable knit cushion and chunky knitted blankets. Mix and match in neutral colours and pile them up
* Don't save your best silver (or glass, or anything!) for special occasions. I seriously recommend serving Christmas BBMS, we made them last year on Christmas Eve and they were A to the MAZE.


Deer Head Sculpture, Golden Heart DecorationCashmere Cable Knit Cushion, Partidge Feather Bauble, Cock Pheasant Feather Bauble, Teardrop Decanter, Baobab Candle, Lantern, Tray, Deerhead Candle, Herringbone Throw - all from the LuxDeco Traditional Christmas Collection

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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Calling Guest Bloggers

As I mentioned last week, I am off to South East Asia in January. I can barely summon the time to write regular blog posts so to organise a month's blog posts in advance is just not going to happen ha. I love collaborating with other bloggers and it's been a while... so I'm just putting the word out there to see if anyone is interested in guest posting.

I'm quite open with posts being about lifestyle (recipes, travel, happy things etc) or design so let me know your ideas and we'll have a chat :) Just drop me an email here. I would of course promote your blog and social media around the post, and if you would like me to write a guest post for your blog in return next year I'd be very up for doing that.

Posts would be published between 16th January - 16th February and would need to be sent across by January 9th. xx

PS. The winner of my Farrow & Ball giveaway was Alice Young! Thanks to everyone who entered.

Friday, 28 November 2014

RECENTLY on Instagram

A few bits and pieces from my Instagram feed in November. I've been less active on there lately, mainly due to the fact that I like taking photos in natural light. Yet when you work from 9am - 6pm and it's dark from 4:30pm - 8am you don't tend to see the light of day very often! Bane of my life at the mo with photographing for the blog and my products

1. My friend and I went a bit gingerbread mad last night and decorated our gingerbread people with lips and teeth. I may have eaten JUST gingerbread for breakfast this morning ;)
2. My desk at work with my cactus friend in his sunny yellow pot
3. I fell for the red cups and my first PSL (pumpkin spiced latte, don't ya know). Taste = divine. 1 hour later = caffeine and sugar shakes.
4. When my plans were cancelled on Wednesday night I ended up helping my boyfriend put up Christmas decorations at his office until 10pm. We got all creative, played Michael Buble's Christmas album on the speakers and ordered Thai takeaway.
5. New Nike shoes. I've never had a pair of trainers pretty enough to wear day to day but these are like wearing slippers to work <3 nbsp="" p="">6. My friend Ellie and I's usual choice of pig-out food at The Farmery. We ordered the regular size of fro yo this time which was WAY too large. There is no scale here but they're seriously huge.

It's getting decidedly more Christmassy around here recently. In fact tomorrow I'm taking the train up to the midlands and having a Christmas sesh with some friends I went to uni with. There WILL be mulled wine and mince pies. I'm childishly excited for December to start - advent candles, daily chocolate, and Christmas tunes... yes please. What are your plans for this weekend? And more importantly, have you got your advent calendar yet? ;)

Have a good weekend lovelies x

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Packing for Thailand!

I'm so excited that I'm taking a trip to Thailand in January! A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I spent a few hours on a rainy cold Sunday looking at flights to Thailand, and we finally went for it. I've never managed to escape the UK Winter before and I cannot wait to have some sun. This is when the fake tan lotion really comes into its own, am I right?! This is also my first time in Asia and somewhere I've wanted to explore for so so long. I've put together some little inspiration boards for what I might be packing...

My boyfriend and I have come up with a plan which starts in Chiang Mai where we want to meet some elephants, do a Thai cooking course, hire scooters, and go adventuring. I also want to take the bus to Pai from here which is supposed to be really chilled and a great place to explore waterfalls and hot springs. You can't really go travelling without some hippy pants and a massive camera so here go.

Next we're going to Bangkok for the weekend where I want to check out the famous weekend market. I think long skirts and wraps will be useful here for popping into temples. I actually love this H&M skirt.

Ok ok this is the bit I'm actually most excited about. Just chilling around on a beach on the island of Koh Tao. We're going to go to two or three islands but this one is supposed to be uh-mazing for scuba diving so that's a must. I've had my eye on a Triangl bikini for a while, and Lena's book is at the top of my Christmas wishlist ;) 

Have you guys ever been to Thailand and do you have any recommendations on places to go and things to see? x

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