Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Home Studio Space

I've been getting my paintbrushes out again recently. Alex's family are throwing us an engagement party to celebrate with the friends/family here in Australia who can't make it to the wedding in the UK. I'm so excited! So it was time to get started on designing some invitations sooner than expected! I'm pretty happy with how they're coming together so far. Once they're done and we've posted them out, I'm sure I'll share them on the blog.

Over the weekend I shuffled a few things around to create a little home studio so I could have some space to paint, listen to music, and work on the blog. Our spare room is also doubling up as a guest room still, so I kept it pretty minimal. I was approached by Harveys Furniture recently to share my ideas for spare room layouts, so I've given some tips over there.

This post is in collaboration with Harveys Furniture. 

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Current Interiors Obsession: TEAL

Happy Sunday! What are you up to today? I went to a beer festival last night so today I'm recovering on the sofa, doing a bit of watercolour painting, and looking forward to a Japanese style curry for supper, delicious. Alex cooked it up yesterday and I was over the moon when I tasted it and it unintentionally resembled Wagamama Katsu curry. Dream. 

The weather has taken a cool change here in Melbourne and we've been spending more time at home in the evenings. I'm feeling a need (well, want) for a couple of changes around our home and I'm totally obsessed with teal in interiors at the moment. It's such a gorgeous calming colour, whether it's a fresh minty tone or more of a deep moody ocean hue. My favourite way to use it in a room is paired with wood, copper, white, and warm blush tones. I'd love to add a couple of teal cushions to our sofa, and that Anthropologie serving ware below is so beautiful! What do you think?

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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Sundays are for Cake and Flowers

Most of the time I tend to make my weekends jam-packed but this past weekend I made zero plans and it was so blissful! Sometimes you really need to have one of those days where you only leave the house to get brownie ingredients and to treat yourself to a bunch of fresh flowers (even though it was mother's day, and probably not the best day to splurge on flowers for yourself but who cares). 

If you haven't made Hummingbird Bakery brownies before, you need to go and do it. Right now. They are so easy and create minimal washing up, but they are the PERFECT balance of fudgeyness with a divine flaky top. Even though they do make my teeth hurt a bit...  

The rest of the day was spent sipping chai tea, munching on avocado toast, and planning recipes for the week from Madeleine Shaw's cookbook. Why does every good day in my book always involve a lot of delicious food? 

At the moment I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine for the first time in months, spending time at home, rustling up some new recipes, and watching a new tv series (any recommendations?). However I know it won't be long until I start getting itchy feet again, opening up Skyscanner (that pesky thang of a website!) or browsing my 'Wanderlust' board on Pinterest. If you fancy a bit of travel and a lot of food yourself, Chill Home Insurance are rather generously giving away ten pairs of tickets to Taste of Dublin 2016, which you can enter here. Such a perfect trip for a food-lover like me! Good luck! 

I have teamed up with Chill Home Insurance and Taste of Dublin for today's post, I hope you enjoy x

Monday, 9 May 2016

Home Sweet Home

It's been pretty quiet around here recently but it's been the maddest 2 months. If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed that I went back to London for a couple of weeks at the start of April. It was a very last minute trip to see family and it was the first time I'd been to England since leaving 15 months prior, so it was all very surreal. It was a very low key trip mainly spent at home, but it was also really special.

Being away from home for such a long length of time is very strange. As much as I love Melbourne, I was really homesick for the first year and had only just eventually moved on from that. I was worried that I wouldn't love London as much as I used to, but I was very wrong! London in the Spring is just a magical place. It is wonderfully fresh, full of crisp cold mornings with blue skies and heavy candyfloss-coloured blossom. Everyone is happier, full of hope after coming out the other side of a long dark Winter (apart from me, mwaha). Driving through London from the airport was so exciting - everything looks so beautifully quaint compared to Australia.

As well as spending lots of time at home enjoying time with my family, the open fire and all of my parents' cooking, I made sure to visit a few of my favourite local spots. Richmond Park, the gorgeous Petersham Nurseries, the King's Road (and tried Phat Phuc Noodle Bar - so good!), WHOLEFOODS, and plenty of runs along the River Thames. An explanation for one of these random photos - my mum and I tried a matcha latte from Planet Organic for the first time and I had to throw it away it was so disgusting! Should I try another one... I can't understand the Instagram obsession when the drink was so revolting? I also saw a few of my besties, which was such a bonus, and got totally spoilt with engagement pressies wahoo!

London, you will always have my heart. See you in August! <3 p="">

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Wedding Inspiration 01

Alex and I haven't made any concrete plans for the wedding as we're waiting on news about our (hopefully!) venue at the moment. For the first couple of weeks we were just enjoying being engaged and celebrating with friends/family. The wedding will most likely be at the end of next summer in the UK, but there are a few things up in the air at the moment. However we have a pretty clear idea about what style wedding we would like. I've always dreamed about having the reception in a simple field in the fresh air, in the summer. Although there are some gorgeous wedding reception venues out there, I really dislike the idea of having to cut the party short because we only have the venue for a certain time. I want to party all night! :)

We want to keep costs down as much as possible, so that will probably mean making a lot of the food ourselves and having a buffet style dinner. The amount that some things cost just for one day is just extortionate so I think we'll be scrapping a few traditions that we're not bothered by. I am planning on designing the invitations, making all the signage, and any placecards/menus. I would like to have a wild/relaxed theme for the flowers for the tables and decoration, with lots of greenery. I would love to have Australian native flowers for bouquets as a nod to Alex's home, and I also just think they're beautiful. 

Planning a wedding is more overwhelming than I thought, but every time I get stressed I take a step back and remember what it's all about and try and enjoy the planning process as much as possible. My amazing sister has already created a spreadsheet for all the details which made me feel so much better! 

Have you planned a wedding? I would love any tips you have! 

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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

New Zealand | Arthur's Pass - Haast Pass + Getting Engaged!

I thought I'd compact our NZ travels into a few posts as we covered quite a lot in 9 days! We spent our trip in the south island driving around in a small campervan (which I wrote a bit about here). It was SUCH a good way to do it as we didn't book anything apart from a couple of nights, which meant we could drive for as long as we felt like each day, and also had a little portable kitchen in which to cook our meals.

The flight from Melbourne - Christchurch was only 3.5 hours but with the time difference, we actually landed at 5am after a full day of work on Friday night, having had no sleep. We felt slightly like zombies but we were so excited, and got straight on the road through Arthur's Pass, a stunning mountainous national park. There are loads of places to stop and go on short walks like the one we took to Devil's Punchbowl Falls, with a scramble up a mountain to the view above.

We stayed our first night near Hokatika, by Lake Kaniere which was quite grey and drizzly but still beautiful. The next morning we went to Hokatika Gorge with its stunning milky turquoise waters and then onto Franz Josef Glacier. However the glacier has retreated so much that you actually can't get that close to it anymore, and if I went back I would consider splashing out for the helicopter ride that takes you onto the ice itself. We camped by Lake Paringa and then the next day drove down through Haast Past through Mount Aspiring National Park to Wanaka, stopping at more waterfalls along the way and the amazing blue pools, which were SO clear and blue. 

It was during a walk to Roaring Billy Falls (photo above) that Alex asked me to marry him, and of course I said yes! He had spent the last 4 months designing a beautiful ring with a jewellery maker, and even told my parents back at Christmas when they were in Australia. I couldn't believe they'd all kept it a complete secret so well! We were on a total high for the rest of the day! It made the whole holiday even more special than it already was. X

Monday, 4 April 2016

New Zealand | Mornings with the Campervan

Hello blog, it's been a while. Two weeks ago Alex and I got back from New Zealand and life has been a bit chaotic since. I've finally started to organise my photos (so. many. photos.) so I can share them on here. 

We spent 9 days driving around the south island in a little campervan and some of my favourite moments of the trip were the early mornings. Waking up with the sun, often watching it rise over a beautiful lake or mountain, pulling on warmer layers, and rolling out of the campervan straight into the fresh air. We took so much enjoyment in cooking outside on the little gas stove, boiling the kettle for our coffee, and sipping away whilst the bacon and eggs sizzled in the fresh air for our bacon/egg rolls. Alex was determined to eat one of these every morning and I think he managed it most days! Everything just tastes one hundred times better al-fresco, don't you think?

Also, remember my 25 at 25? One of them was to learn to crack an egg with one hand and I attempted it for the first time whilst taking that photo below... it turns out it's not that hard. Ha. I just... did it. 

So now we're back to reality and I'm still dreaming of those mornings. We're wondering if we could sell everything we own and live in a campervan forever but I think it might not be the same camping on the streets in Melbourne! More New Zealand posts to come, stay tuned! 



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